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Munters employee sets new world record

aug 19, 2021

Munters congratulates sales manager Hans-Henrik Thomsen for setting a new world record in an electric drag race that stretches over a distance of 402 meters. The new world record is 6.74 seconds and is an improvement of his own world record by 0.12 seconds.

The world record was set at the Drag Revival event in Mantorp Park in Sweden earlier this month. Thomsen rode his 1200 HP speed monster Silver Lightning electric motorcycle, which has been designed and built by his cousin Glenn E. Nielsen.

The Danish duo, who call themselves True Cousins, also broke the record during the 201 meter distance race so that it now stands at 4.48 seconds, an improvement of 0.27 seconds. In that race, Thomsen had an exit speed of 270 km/h (168 mph), which is also a world record for an electric vehicle.

In fact, during the 402-meter record run, Silver Lightning achieved a 201-meter time of just 4.32 seconds. But due to National Electric Drag Racing Association’s (NEDRA) rules, only one ET record can be recorded per day.

See the record race here (with English subtitles).

"We had problems with the brake parachute triggering 100 m before the finish line and in the penultimate race we even set a record time of 6.82 seconds with the parachute out," says Thomsen. "But in the last race we solved the problem and drove a faultless run of 6.74 at 311 km/h over the finish line."

True Cousins will make a new 201-meter record attempt at Mosten MC's drag racing event Rock´n Race September 3 to 4, 2021.

A leader in the battery industry

Munters supports the transition from combustion-driven vehicles to electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Battery research and production require strictly controlled ultra-low humidity levels in order to ensure process consistency and maximum quality, something Munters can provide.

Its desiccant dehumidification systems for battery manufacturers are specifically designed to meet the exact needs and requirements for precise and low dew point control, while at the same time consuming less energy.

Munters is the market leader in the battery industry, having provided moisture control for lithium battery production for decades.

For more information on how we support this industry, click here.

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