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Product Launch: Munters Wall Inlet

aug 22, 2017

In agriculture applications an ideal climatic environment is essential as it can impact production and the health of animals. Proper air quality through ventilation is one of the main requirements in order to achieve optimum performance in growth rate, uniformity and feed efficiency, which can therefore ensure high profit margins.

Poor air quality can provoke high concentrations of dust, ammonia (NH3), CO, CO2, excess humidity RH and failure to keep these contaminants below acceptable limits can trigger diseases, alter litter quality and reduce bird performance, thus affecting the final profit margin.

The MWI has been engineered and designed to bring fresh air into the farms, without exposing the animals to cold air draughts. This is possible due to the feature of the MWI that offers a complex geometrical shape, that takes advantage of the Coanda effect, to properly channel the incoming cold fresh air along the ceiling, which  is mixed and heated before it reaches the animals.

MWI positioning:

  • Ideal for broiler market, competitive price - quality ratio
  • Global installations, areas with moderate climate (-10/+40°C or 14/104°F)
  • Shipped disassembled, optimized shipping volume and freight cost (6pcs./box )
  • Best fit on sandwich panel (100mm) or wooden walls (2x4sq.inch poles)

Target market:

The MWI has been developed  to focus on the Broiler industry, however there is a potential for other Poultry application e.g. breeder, layer, turkey.

For more details explore the MWI and learn how to assemble the product in 2 min by watching the following videos:

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