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Peace of mind - comes from a box

jun 9, 2017

Munters Rotem® control and management systems for agricultural and horticultural applications have been used in all 268 broiler sheds of ProTen in Australia.

With more than 25 years of experience and development, these products are recognized and highly valued on the global market still being at the forefront of technological advancement when introducing the new connectivity technology. For ProTen it is a key part of they run their sheds.

So what does the headline refer to?

Having equipment for climate control without having a controller to regulate their functioning is worthless, much to be compared to an orchestra of fine and excellent instruments and musicians, but without a conductor.

The range of controllers from Munters Rotem span from the very basic to the more sophisticated units, all accommodated to user specific needs. No matter which one of the control units is chosen, the farmer will gain reliability, technology at its best, user-friendliness and peace of mind in a box.

ProTen’s Managing Director, Daniel Bryant, says that their farm managers swear by the controllers. They hold the features needed, without being too complicated or too basic and they have never let them down. He also tells us that they have Munters Euroemme® fans running at their farms, some have now been serving for 20-25 years and are still working. Daniel says they are reliable, cost-effective and keep the electricity costs down. In the region where the ProTen houses are located, there is a 50°C temperature variance between seasons, and the sheds and equipment from Munters can handle that variation.

ProTen performs as a top quartile broiler company and obviously at lot of that has to do with genetics and nutrition, but the environment in the broiler sheds is second to none, Daniel Bryant concludes.

Impact of the Internet of Things

As IoT (Internet of Things) progresses into our lives and increases dependence on digital channels and big data, Munters has launched new services that allows the farm manager to stay on top of what is happening at the farm as well as the ability to analyze data from a specific flock or house, compare projections against actual usage and compare growth factors.

This latter service is called Business Intelligence. The Communicator 2.0 service allows the farm manager to access their Munters or Rotem controllers, including monitoring and control capabilities, from any device, anywhere. Any events or alarms keep the farmer updated 24/7 in real time, on what is going on at the farm. From one single device, whether it is a PC, tablet or smartphone, the farm manager or owner can manage an entire network of controllers.

The future is here with us and Munters intends to keep on improving it by delivering the most sustainable climate control solutions ever known by the industry.

Learn more about our products by downloading our poultry catalogue or get in touch with our experts through the contact box on the right.

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