Smart 8C 3MD launch.png

Product Launch: SMART 8C/3MD

maj 2, 2017

Introducing the new Smart 8C/3MD that provides variable speed control of the Munters Drive fans.

The Smart 8C/3MD Control provides an entry level variable speed control to automatically operate Munters Drive Fan speeds based on temperature readings and settings. With three 0-10/10-0V analog outputs and three on/off Relay outputs, the Smart 8C/3MD will control the speed of up to three Groups of Munters Drive Fans. It also can operate Natural Curtains, Soaker Timers, Fogger Timers, and Alarm Contact.

Main features include:

  1. 3 analog outputs; 10-0v for Munters Drive Fans
  2. 8 configurable relays:
  • Up to 3 fan groups
  • 1 fogging output
  • 1 soaker output
  • 1 curtain; open & close output
  • 1 alarm output
  • 3 temperature sensor inputs
  • 1 humidity sensor input
  • 1 water meter digital input
  • 1 wind sensor speed input
Smart 8C 3MD figure_edited.png


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