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Production Manager

Photo of Hiroki KomaYour position?

I have a lot of role as a Manager. I am a Manager of Production, Technical and Asia application Center. I am responsible for quality and capacity of all Japanese factory products.

What's the most innovative Munters product or changes that you are most "proud" of?

Our Japanese-made dehumidifier which named MB. That design is not so new. But MB has very high performance.

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…”; Give me 3 things you pack from your daily life which you need or characterises you.

Typically in my bag: Earphone, my personal iPhone,and a company’s iPhone 

Tell me a fun experience at Munters

We have a company trip in Japan. It’s a habit of Japan. Most of the employees go on a trip together once every two years. We went to Hong Kong in 2016. It’s so fun.

What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?

Sunny day, Delicious food and drink, Victory of my favorite football team.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?

Don’t be afraid.