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Munters global battery conference

Battery demand is expected to grow globally by CAGR 20-25% by 2030, driven mainly by demand for electric vehicles and energy storage.

China’s electric vehicle market grew +80% in 2022 and global EV sales more than +50%. EV sales are on track to reach 30% market share by 2030.

There has been $300 billion of investments in new lithium-ion battery gigafactories in the last four years and 100 new battery gigafactories were announced just last year.

The supply chain for battery production must ramp up to handle this growth in order to help advance widespread EV adoption.

Our desiccant dehumidification is essential to support safe, high-quality, high-volume, sustainable battery production. And we have over 40 years' experience supplying low dew point dehumidification systems into the battery market.

By far, of all suppliers globally, we have the best team with the most expertise and the only supplier with global presence. 

The next few years will require unprecedented and rapid growth. 

Therefore, our Center of Excellence team of battery experts from USA, Asia and Europe met in London to discuss Munters strategy for continuous, profitable and sustainable growth.

Some of the topics covered included best practices for low dew point designs, new innovative technologies for improved energy efficiency, value engineered standard designs for gigafactories, improved sales tools to support more efficient quoting, production capacity and service expansion and new digital offerings to help our customers sustain high-uptime, 24/7 production.

Two of our long-term important customers joined us as well as guest speakers. They especially value our technical expertise, product quality & performance and extensive service network. 

It was a great opportunity to network with colleagues again, enhance collaboration and set the strategy forward to best serve our customers.

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