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PigRealTime Control Package

Munters is proud to announce its complete Pig Package, PigRealTime. PigRealTime, an integrated system, consists of controllers along with a communication system and provides a comprehensive solution for people managing industrial pig farms.

This system provides a solution for farmers who need controllers that:

  • are capable of dealing with issues such as changes in weather 24/7, without human intervention
  • provide alarms and event notification in real time, allowing issues to be dealt with immediately
  • support low-cost communication with mobile devices
  • enable remote access to the controllers

PigRealTime  does all of the above, and more. 

The package consists of:

  • Comm-Box and Communicator Communication System. Comm-Box supplies complete web access to your controllers from any device with access to the Cloud, including mobile devices. Installed as an add-on to the Farm Guard, the two units provide a complete service package: Communicator supplies its proven alarms & events functionality while Comm-Box enables remote monitoring & control via the Web & Cloud.
  • RotemNet Web application is the software package enabling you to manage tablet, manage your entire network from a single computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A choice of controllers:
    • Element Controller, a cost-effective system providing  top of the line ventilation and climate control
    • SuperGuard and Piguard Plus Controller: an inclusive system, in which one smart central server, SuperGuard, controls high-performance Piguard Plus control units, installed in up to 10 different pig house rooms.
      • Note that the Element and SuperGuard systems concentrate on controlling ventilation and feed related issues.
    • AC-2000 Controllers, providing control over ventilation, air pressure, climate, feed and water, air quality factors such as CO2 or humidity levels, and more.

Comm-Box/Communicator Communication Package

  • Web and Cloud-based access to controllers
    • Multiple, simultaneous users have network access
    • Farm owner controls access levels
  • Multiple communication pathways:
    • Built-in internet and telephone connectivity
    • Cellular modem enables wireless communication
  • Plug ins:
    • Cell modem according to the user's region (3G Worldwide, 4G US, 4G Worldwide)
    • Line modem
  • Supports Munters' Web Application and Smart Phone Application
  • Status reports provide important information on house functions and animal or bird statistics:
    • Data can be used for reviewing past cycles or planning for the future
  • Push notifications
  • Text messages sent in a variety of languages
  • Access rights management
  • Programmable alarms

RotemNet Web Mobile Application:

  • Complete control over your farm via a mobile phone
  • Consistent look & feel with other Munters applications, including the PC & Tablet View & Platinum Touch
  • Supports push notifications
  • Single user can control multiple farms

PC Application:

  • Full control over your farms' controllers
  • Overview of your farm activities
  • User customized dashboard
  • Easy comparison of houses’ main performance parameters

Elements and SuperGuard/Piguard Plus features:

  • Easy programming and use
  • Temperature control
  • Static pressure control
  • Humidity control option
  • Up to 5 temperatures sensors,  1 humidity sensor, and 1 static pressure sensor
  • 8 relays
  • Supports variable fans, inlets and curtains
  • Water and feed auxiliary counter
  • USB data port
  • Local or remote control
  • Supports a variety of ventilation solutions, including Ventilation by Weight or by Outside Temperature

AC-2000 features

  • 12/20 output relays (up to 28 when used in conjunction with an REB)
  • Analog output - 0 to 10 volts for variable speed fan or dimmers
  • Monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, lighting, water & feed consumption
  • Digital inputs for feed count , water meter, and wind direction
  • Inerasable memory
  • Multilanguage support
  • Access via Web and Cloud
  • Real time alarms via smartphone or web
  • Supports:
    • Temperature sensors
    • Humidity and CO2 sensors
    • Standard, radiant, and variable heaters

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