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People & society

Inclusive and safe work environment

Diversity and safety are never-ending jobs, and the challenge lies in staying focused on the issue by routinely conducting various kinds of activities to ensure that the subject remains top of mind.

A few years ago, Munters set a goal that 30 percent of both employees and managers will be women by 2025. All aspects of diversity are equally important, but since we saw that the percentage of women in the company was low (only 16 percent when measurements began in 2016), management chose to focus on gender equality first.

Safety work at our production facilities has been a more important focus in recent years. All accidents have been routinely reported to Group Management since the end of 2018 with a clear analysis of the accident itself, what caused it and what needs to change to ensure that a similar accident does not occur.

Community involvement

We work with other actors to attract both customers and workers. Many of the projects create a sense of community and pride among our employees, which also creates value for Munters. Examples of activities that are routinely conducted at our facilities include participation in various types of job fairs organized by schools, collaboration with schools where we offer benefits such as mentoring and project work, open houses for members’ families and various forms of support for sports clubs and relief organizations.

For more information about our progress in 2020, click here.

Goals and outcomes 2020

Proportion of women

Our aim is to increase the proportion of women in our workforce. The target is 30 percent by 2025.



Outcome 2019: 21%
Outcome 2018: 20%

Proportion of women in management

Our aim is to increase the proportion of women in management. The target is 30 percent by 2025.

*In 2020, a comprehensive analysis of the reporting of various sustainability key ratios was carried out. This has led to the ratio for the proportion of female executives being revised down from the previously reported 25 percent to 21 percent in 2019.




Outcome 2019: 21%*
Outcome 2018: 20%

Total Recordable Incident Rate* (TRIR)

Munters strives to continually reduce the number of accidents in production, which we measure by Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR).



Outcome 2019: 2.7%
Outome 2018: 3.4%

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The activities that Munters carries out in the area of resource efficiency support the following areas in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Munters regularly holds activities in its local workplaces
to promote education and mentorship.


We are convinced that diversity leads to greater
innovation and higher profitability. Munters currently has a relatively low proportion of female employees. We have therefore decided to focus on gender equality mainly.


In every country and area where Munters works, it is essential that we have an inclusive workplace with decent conditions for all.


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