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History Munters Mason office

Aerotech History by Munters

Aerotech has a long and proud history as the premier ventilation systems company in the agricultural industry. Nolan Mitchell pioneered air systems for agriculture in 1936. Eleven years later Nolan founded Aerotech, to design and sell agricultural ventilations systems. Robert Mitchell, Nolan’s son, took over the family business in 1986 and continued the tradition of engineering leadership and product excellence.

 Aerotech Firsts

  •   FIRST airfoil fans
  •   FIRST fiberglass fans
  •   FIRST polymer fans
  •   FIRST discharge cones on belt-drive fans
  •   FIRST custom system designs
  •   FIRST computer controls
  •   FIRST EC Motor in large agriculture fans


1936 Nolan Mitchell, Agricultural Engineer, pioneers air systems for agriculture. Since 1973, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has annually presented the Young Extension Worker Award named in honor of Nolan.



History 1947 Aerotech was founded by Nolan Mitchell, an Agricultural Engineer and pioneer in air systems for agriculture.



1994 - Robert Mitchell, Aerotech president and Nolan's son, continued the tradition of
engineering leadership and product excellence. Company expands to a new 88,000
sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Customer service, design, engineering and
manufacturing all at one location in Mason, Michigan USA



2002 - Aerotech, a leader in ventilation systems in the US, and Munters, a company focused in climate control and the leader in ventilation and cooling systems outside the US, join to form a climate control powerhouse by the sale of 100% of Aerotech's outstanding stock.



Today Aerotech fans are an integral part of the Agricultural and Horticultural Business of Munters and remains focused on producing quality ventilation systems for the industries.