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DV 270 Mist Eliminator

DV Series - Vane-type

  • Extremely low pressure loss
  • Equipped with flushing / cleaning systems for plugging sensitive applications
  • Low maintenance —Modules are easy to clean, also during system operation
  • Broad range of materials — Special materials upon request
  • Flow optimization gives better process performance and stability
  • Increased service life of coarse and fine separators
  • Cuts maintenance time
  • Eliminates loss of product and downstream wear


Popis výrobku

The DV 270 (T 271) droplet separator is a vane type separator for vertical flow. The gas flow charged with liquid droplets is directed through separator chambers which are designed for maximum effect on the gas flow. As a result of this configuration, inertial forces act on the droplets. The droplets impinge onto the profiles, where they form a liquid film which is subsequently drained off as a result of gravity. V-shaped impressions on the separator plates ensure that the liquid is drained off in the correct manner, dropping back against the vertical gas stream into the sump. Target applications Evaporators Absorbers Gas scrubbers Desulphurization units Gas coolers Exhaust air treatment plants Chemical plants

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