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WDP Mist

WDP Mist Efficient high pressure fogging system

  • Suitable for all AgHort applications i.e. Poultry, Swine, Dairy and Greenhouses
  • Alternative to evaporative pad cooling in cold continental and moderate climates, typically characterized by very brief periods of hot weather
  • Minimizes heat stress which improves feed conversion for increased production
  • Optimal relative humidity in-farm or greenhouse throughout the year
  • Environmental benefits by effectively suppressing dust particles from the airstream
  • Fast cleaning operation through preparatory soaking of various in-farm equipment
  • Corrosion resistant components, made in stainless steel
  • Quick and easy installation


Popis výrobku

Within agri- and horticulture, ideal climate is essential as it directly influences the productivity and health
of livestock and plant growth. Cooling and ventilation are very important factors for accurate control of
the climatic environment in poultry, swine, dairy houses or greenhouses. Indoor temperature and humidity
play a crucial role in avoiding heat stress and achieving the perfect climate.
The WDP Mist has been especially designed for such purposes, featuring a versatile high-pressure
fogging system for cooling, humidification and soaking of layer, broiler, breeder, turkey houses, swine
and dairy barns, milking parlors, greenhouses, etc. The WDP Mist uses high-pressure nozzles to add very
fine water particles into the airstream. The added water particles then evaporate, absorbing energy from
the airstream, consequently generating a temperature reduction.
The complete system includes a pumping station, motor, control panel, water filters, pipes, compression
fittings, misting nozzles and can be easily fitted into the farm or greenhouse, with little to no structural
modification. Additionally, the WDP Mist is used to provide optimal humidity in the farm or greenhouse,
and also, preparatory soaking of the various equipment installed in the house, making the cleaning
operation faster and easier.

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