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DCP30 TOP4 evaporative cooling unit

DCP evaporative cooling series

  • Pre-coated housing
  • Tank manufactured in thermoplastic material
  • Electrical motor with IP55 protection grade.
  • Contains CELdek® 7090-15 evaporative cooling pads
  • Circulation water unit is CE approved.
  • Complete plumbing kit incorporated
  • Electrical enclosure with safety and control switchgear
  • Single-phase as option


Popis výrobku

The refreshing DCP30 unit is a compact evaporative air cooling unit and is suitable for numerous fields of applications: livestock, greenhouses and industrial sites. The unit uses the physical principle of water evaporation; the air is forced through the CELdek® evaporative cooling pads by a powerful fan. While the air passes through the wet pad, it releases heat to the water, thereby cooling itself. The quantity of moisture present in the air determines the level of temperature reduction of the air treated.

  • Technická specifikace
  • Ke stažení
1,360 kg
1,000 kW
2,500 hp
1,200 m3/h
2,150 cfm
650 mm
800 inch
50 °C
122 °F
44 kg
1.1 kW
1.5 hp
9,415 cfm
16,000 m3/h
780 mm
30 inch
50 °C
122 °F
Manual (1,8 MB)

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