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Oasis™ offers simplicity and contributes to a PUE at only 1.1

Hartl Group was founded in 1992 by Peter Hartl, and is headquartered in Hofkirchen, Lower Bavaria Germany. Being one of the leading IT service providers in the area, Hartl Group is offering services like consulting and auditing, process optimization, Data Centre hosting in Austria and Lower Bavaria, user helpdesk, training, network and communication.

Striving for a low PUE

During the planning of the new Data Centre, Peter Hartl got in contact with Munters in his search for an energy efficient cooling solution.

Striving for a PUE as low as possible, Munters’ indirect evaporative cooling system Oasis™ could form the perfect solution.

Compared to a traditional DX based cooling solutions for Data Centres, the Oasis™ solution typically saves up to 75% energy. Mainly due to the elimination of compressors and also thanks to the reduced need of fans involved.

Munters worked out a design with two Oasis™ 200 units that would be able to satisfy the requirement of strictly controlling the temperature within the Data Centre between 23-25°C around the year.

Easy installation - no ductwork

Indoor and outdoor preparations have been made already for installation of 2 extra Oasis™ units in case of future extension of the Data Centre capacity. Installation of the Oasis™ units took place early February 2016 and units are operating to Peter Hartl’s full satisfaction.

In particular Mr. Hartl appreciates:

- the easy installation and simplicity of the solution,

- that it is operating fully without any refrigerants or need of chilled water

- the very low PUE. In combination with other energy saving measures (the UPS solution, the design concept of the interior etc.), the PUE can successfully be kept extremely low at less than 1,1. This fully matches Mr. Hartl’s wish of operating the most energy efficient Data Centre in the region.

Also to reduce the energy consumption of the premises, a 100 KW solar panel system has been installed on the roof of the building.

The Data Centre will be certified according to the TÜV certification Kategorie 3 +.

Hartl Group has a very high focus on safety issues like backup systems for power supply, advanced entrance control and fire safety. In case of unexpected lack of public water supply for the Oasis™ units, the water from the employees indoor swimming pool in the relax area, can be used.

Stručná fakta

  • Easy installation without any duct work
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Total PUE lower than 1.1
  • Cooling without refrigerants

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