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Dairy cows

Dairy farm profit increased during summer

Colorado’s Farm is located in Araras City in São Paulo State. The company was founded in 1982 and is one of the biggest milk producers in the country, selling its milk production under its own brand.

The region has a hot climate

With the proximity of the Company to the city of São Paulo, one of the biggest markets in the country, Colorado’s farm needed to maintain a stable milk production in order to comply with commercial agreements. Milking cows, which are very sensitive to heat stress, typically suffer from reduced milk production and conception rates during hot periods, thus negatively influencing the profitability of the company. The Region has a hot climate with temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C. In order to improve the productivity of the heard and maintain the levels of production during the year, Munters proposed a completely automatized Cross Ventilation System.

An automatized cross ventilation system

The perfect climate that Munters was able to create resulted in higher milk production and conception rates that will give a payback of the investment, estimated, in less than 3 years. 44 WF50 1,5hp wall exhaust fans with discharge cone create air speeds inside the house exceeding 3m/s during the cross ventilation. Thanks to the high wind chill effect cow comfort is considerably improved. Removable plastic shutter allows for easy access for maintenance and cleaning purposes A pad wall (80m long and 3m high) made up of 15cm thick CELdek 6560/15 with MI-T-edg® coating is installed along one side of the barn. The top quality of the materials and of the manufacturing process combined with the MI-T-edg protective edge coating guarantee extremely high cooling efficiency as well as unbeatable long life span. MI-T-edg is the only edge coating with patented algae resistance. Uniform wetting of the cooling pads is ensured by Easycool water distribution system.

The Cross Ventilation System allows the heard to be housed in a single enclosed building (reduced construction and management costs); giving the possibility of controlling inside temperatures (up to 10°C reduction depending on ambient condition) and creating an airflow of over 3m/s around the animals.

The cool air coupled with the airspeed generated by the fans maximize feed conversion and production outputs. WF50 air exhaust fans and evaporative cooling system Easycool with MI-T-edg CELdek ® are automatically managed by the Farm Premium P climate controller. A communication system allows the farm Manager to comfortably check the climate system directly from its own pc.

Stručná fakta

  • Improved animal behaviour
  • Improved milk production
  • Reduced replacement rate
  • Quick payback on investment
  • Improved conception rate
  • Brasil_dairy_case_study_rgb.pdf

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