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úno 26


úno 26 12:30 - 21:00

Second annual Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE) Southeast in Atlanta!

As the largest city in the Southeastern U.S., Atlanta has emerged as a rapidly-expanding hub for data centers. With inexpensive land, coupled with robust connectivity and power infrastructure, it’s no surprise that  55 colos are located in this metro region. With over 2M SF of wholesale data center inventory, Atlanta is gaining momentum as colos, operators and end users continue breaking into the largest city in the southeast.

In the first half of 2018, Atlanta absorbed data center power of 4.9 MW out of the total 215 MW of global capacity. The city's absorption rate was 40% of the total market absorbed in all of 2017

  • Topics

    1. How will increased power density and cooling capacity impact site selection?
    2. As end-user demands shift, how will the growing use of outsourced IT services drive demand for off-premise data centers and onto the cloud?
    3. How will the Internet of Things and AI impact data center demand?
    4. With deployments becoming more dense and compact, what are hyperscalers and cloud providers doing to be more sustainable?
    5. What do the growth of micro data centers, 5G and Edge Computing innovations mean for today’s data center requirements?
    6. How are cloud computing platforms and hyperscalers expanding their footprint in Atlanta’s sprawling suburbs?

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