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Datacloud Nordic 2016

20 X

X 20 01:00 - 21:00

Datacloud Nordic brings together all-important contacts to promote products and services to a highly targeted audience. Come visit us on Stand 9 !

The forum highlights the unique value of locating or outsourcing data center, cloud and IT infrastructure across the important and fast growing Nordic region. With its wealth of renewable energy, the region is already experiencing significant growth in the deployment of mission critical facilities and offers new business, outsourcing, investment, hosting, colocation and cloud opportunities.

It is the only regional forum and appeals to both users and outsourcers, with companies from Iceland to the Baltics who are offering an exceptional platform of services and technologies to support them in the efficient management and exploitation of their IT assets.

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24 X

X 24 09:00 - X 25 18:00

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08 XI

XI 8 01:00 - XI 9 19:00

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17 XI

23 XI

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