Critical Facilities Summit 2016, NC Charlotte

03 X

X 3 14:00 - X 4 20:00

The Only Event for Mission Critical Facilities: Design, Construction and Management

The Critical Facilities SummitSM is an exclusive gathering of senior-level professionals involved in the design, construction, management and operations of data centers, labs, hospitals, financials and other mission critical facilities.

With more than 35 hours of expert presentations, two workshops, two keynotes, networking events and an expo hall with over 125 industry-leading suppliers, the Summit has become a “must-attend” event for mission critical leaders.  In 2-1/2 days you will learn, network and  discover the latest technologies and ideas to guide your mission critical strategy for the year to come.


DC Events

08 XI

XI 8 01:00 - XI 9 19:00

Data Centres Ireland 2016

17 XI

23 XI

XI 23 10:00 - XI 24 18:00

Data center World Frankfurt - Stand 122


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