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Munters at the JPA in Calatayud-Spain

From the 23 to the 25 of October the JPA (Aviculture Professional days) were held in Calatayud-Spain, 200km east from Madrid.

The event counted on the participation of over 300 people of the broiler and layer segments between professionals, technicians of the main integrators, researchers and farmers. It was therefore the perfect opportunity for Munters to participate and give a presentation on “How to improve the efficiency of the poultry production?”.

Lasse Kiel Madsen, Industry Manager Segment Layer, gave an overview of Munters and focused on the future threats that the poultry industry is expected to face such as producing more (+35% poultry meat production by 2035 according to Rabobank) with less resources. Lasse has also underlined the quick steps that the poultry industry is doing towards data analysis giving an idea of the potential outcomes for the integrators and showing the available technology from Munters through MTech.

Lasse concluded his presentation explaining how the IoT (Internet of Things) will enable to improve the efficiency at farms (lower installation costs, prompt reaction in case of a component failure and improved interaction between Munters Drive fans and Rotem climate controller).

The second part of the speech was given by Jose Horacio Monaco (Global Product Manager Munters Drive) in Spanish on Munters Drive.

Horacio explained the Munters Drive technology, the great advantages of the direct drive compared to standard belt and pulley system and the possible improvements in efficiency given by this technology.

By means of a very good example Horacio demonstrated how it could be possible to save up to 30% of electricity used for exhaust fan in a barn if equipped with Munters Drive in spite of standard fans. In addition it was underlined that, according to our field trials, up to 7 tons of feed can be saved (in 1 house) during one year!

The presentations grabbed the interest of Munters dealers attending the event since it supported several sales arguments for a product that has few competitors in the market.

At the same time the integrators focused their attention on the possibilities given by data analysis and onto the feed savings that could be possible with a precise ventilation with Munters Drive.