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GRY D Heaters

Product information


• Compact design
• Functions on diesel or kerosene
• Wide range of heaters from 15-60 kW
• Ideal for drying and heating
• Very easy to operate

Product Description


GRY – D heater line provides a cost effective spot and space heating for an extensive variety of applications. The series of direct fired combustion diesel and kerosene heaters are primarily designed for drying in buildings and for heating of medium to large premises. The direct heater requires continuous ventilation
for indoor use.

On the GRY-D heaters a rotary compressor drives air under pressure to the burner nozzle. The vacuum created inside the nozzle sucks the fuel from the tank. The mixture of fuel and air is then sprayed into the combustion chamber and ignited. The fan blows air inside and around the combustion chamber, air is heated and released at very high temperature through the front outlet.
GRY – D 15 and 20 H are equipped with a handle and can easily be carried.
GRY - D 20-60W models are fitted with wheels to be easily moved.
The combustion chambers on all models are made out of especially treated temperature resistant stainless steel. The byproduct of the combustion mainly consists of water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2) which results in low emission. The units are all automatic and include a specially designed control board to operate the heater as well as controlling the flame. GRY – D 60 can be connected to a room thermostat. All the heaters include safety devices to control the flame, prevent overheating and also to optimize the fuel  consumption.
The units are also suitable for outdoors usage and meeting the requirements of the IPX4D protection class. GRY range releases all the heat through the air stream, which gives the heaters a 100% thermal efficiency.
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