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Mist elimination secures process efficiency, provides protection for downstream equipment and recovers valuable solvents

 No other application area than the process industry has such demanding tasks for mist eliminators. Varying process conditions such as volume, temperature and density changes make every separation task to a challenge. 


Beside liquids, process gas flows can often be contaminated with solids. In order to eliminate all relevant particle sizes, Munters uses all relevant separation technologies. This includes vane separation, agglomeration (coalescence) and filtration. 


Applications in the process industry cover the removal of process based liquid carry-over, the removal of condensed liquids and the cleaning of process gas from contaminants.


Efficient removal of liquid process carry-over is necessary in process inlet scrubbers, distillation towers and absorbtion column using solvents. Mist eliminators recover valuable solvents and stop liquid re-entrainment thus protecting downstream equipment.


Condensed liquids are a result of changes in pressure and temperature. They can be a valuable product or a liquid that reduces the process efficiency. Mist  eliminators recover valuable products or simply remove the liquid from the gas phase. 


Contaminants are liquids, gases or solids, such as water, salt, sulphur compounds, sand and varying amounts of undesirable hydrocarbons, that must be removed from the gas stream. They must be eliminated from the process because their presence can lead to complete component failure.


Munters Mist eliminators are installed in front of compressors, in or behind columns, in scrubbers or behind heat exchangers.


Munters provides ready-to-install internals as well as complete systems for e.g.

  •     Sulphur separator
  •     Inlet distributor
  •     Pressure vessels with a single or 2 seperation stages
  •     Cleaning systems
  •     Coalescer candles


Read more in the brochure The right place at the right time.


Munters Mist Elimination is eager to assist you in finding the most suitable and beneficial mist eliminator system regarding your projects. You are welcome to submit any questions, comments or your request for an individual offer online  






The DCM type Coalescer candles are designed to eliminate finest solids and liquid particles from wet gas flows. The candles have an integrated prefilter considerably increasing the cartridges lifetime.
The DH 5000 (TS-5 series) stainless steel droplet separator is a high performing vane type separator for horizontal flow. Customized to various applications,- such as evaporators, absorbers, gas scrubbers, desulphurization units, gas coolers, exhaust air treatment plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants - the DH 5000 series is the first choice for droplet separation under harsh operating conditions.
The DMV mesh type separators are specifically designed to separate small droplets from continuous vertical gas flows. They are comprised of a knitted mesh of stainless steel, plastic (or other materials upon request) contained between a stainless steel framework.
The DPV is a double pocket type vane type separator for service in high velocity and high liquid removal applications. It is part of Munters series of high performance vane type separators (DH5000 and DPV) with elevated K-values.
The DS 8200 avoids stack rain efficiently. It is a spin vane separator removing droplets out of both - vertical and horizontal - gas flow directions. It removes a coarse particle spectrum, thus it can handle gas flows with plogging risks.
The DS 8300 avoids stack rain efficiently. It is a spin vane separator removing droplets out of both - vertical and horizontal - gas flow directions. The equipment has specially been designed to separate larger amounts of coarse droplets from gas streams in higher gas velocities.
The DV 270 (T 271) droplet separator is a vane type separator for vertical flow. Used in many different applications the DV 270 became the so called 'all-rounder'
The IDM is an advanced type of inlet distributor that is commonly used for introducing gas/liquid mixtures into a vessel or a column. It removes liquid slugs and optimizes the downstream gas flow.
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