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Mist Elimination keeps the air conditioning system dry.

Mist eliminators remove the rain from the incoming fresh air before entering the air handling unit. This keeps the prefilters dry and it avoids the increase of pressure loss caused by wet filters.  

Behind air coolers mist eliminators remove the condensed water and avoid thereby the presence of water in the duct. The presence of water causes corrosion and facilitates the growth of bacteria and mildew. Air handling units that humidify the air using the spray technology use mist eliminators to remove the smaller droplets from the spray nozzles. 

Munters Mist Eliminators avoid such undesirable consequences and are available in designs that can be easily fitted into air handling units.   

The DF single-stage solution offers good protection for forced- and naturally ventilated spaces. Suitable for all weather conditions, e.g. spray, mist, rain and heavy rain.
DFM 2100 is a modular droplet separator system for installation behind cooling coils, in air washers and spray humidifiers. A set of top, bottom and side profiles that are easily connected to each other, build the...
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