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Mist Elimination reduces salt corrosion and keeps filters dry.

At sea and in costal climates, the battle against unwanted moisture is endless, but winnable. Munters offers modern air intake systems that stop the threat from seaspray, rain and hail right at the bulkhead.

Ventilation systems for offshore platforms, engine room ventilation intakes and intakes for gas turbines need protection from the worst offered by land and sea. Rain, hail, seaspray, snow and other airborne particles enter the ventilation system causing corrosion and wet filters. Engine room intakes require particular attention both for long-term protection against corrosion and to deep engines running in critical situations.

Special care must be given to the air intakes when the temperature is close to or below 0°C. The risk for icing is high, therefore the mist elimination is effective only with additional heating devices.

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In addition to all different weather conditions there are many types of harmful airborne solids to contend with, such as cement dust, barites, drilling dust, flare carbon mud-burning smoke and blasting grits from maintenance activities.

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Munters Mist Eliminators protect any system that requires ambient air effectively.

Benefits are:

  • dry filters, longer life time
  • less corrosion in ventilation systems
  • increased up-time with dryer filters and less corrosion of sensitive machinery
  • reduced mold, bacterial growth, odors and corrosion
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • better climate for passengers and crew, interior, cargo spaces as well as sensitive instrumentation.
Assembly profiles are used to ensure correct pitches/spacing of the droplet separator profiles when assembled into units. They guarantee that the droplet separator unit will be stable and provide the correct performance.
DCF is a series of advanced tailor made ready-to-install air intake systems which provides excellent protection against all types of droplets as well as particle filtration throughout a broad range of face velocities.
DF 2100 is a ready-to-install droplet separator which provides high efficiency droplet separation and low pressure drop, even at high face velocity. The droplet separator can be configured to most individual performance and installation situations, providing a cost-effective solution.
DFF is a series of ready to install, tailor made, three stage air intake systems which provides excellent protection against all types of droplets but also filters particles at high air velocities.DFF has been designed for the supply air in marine propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment and for the provision of clean air for ventilation in marine and offshore environments.
DFH is a ready-to-install snow and droplet separator for use as an air intake in cold climates. The unit provides protection against all sorts of snow particles and rain, hence it prevents the intake from getting plugged with ice.
DH™ 2100 droplet separator profile whenassembled into units forms a vane typeseparator for horizontal flow for the air conditioning industry. The profile is available in various materials and can therefore be utilised in a wide range of processes under different operating conditions.
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