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AgHort / Climate for Poultry / Cooling


Evaporative cooling is nature's answer for efficient climate control. Requiring low energy input, it is ideally suited for applications in agriculture. Munters offers a wide range of products and systems suitable for use in agriculture.

CELdek® evaporative cooling media is used in systems where high efficiency cooling is required, specifically for climate control systems for poultry, pig (swine), dairy and greenhouse applications.
Combine the high cooling efficiency of CELdek® pads with the tough and resilent MI-T-edg® treatment for years of reliable cooling.
Each system utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to efficiently cool the air entering your buildings.
The refreshing DCP30 unit is a compact evaporative air cooling unit and is suitable for numerous fields of applications: specifically greenhouse, poultry, pig (swine) and dairy applications.
WDP is a complete water supply and drainage system for wetting of evaporative cooling pad walls. The most common applications are cooling of greenhouses/horticulture and cooling for poultry.
The WDP100-AL water distribution system from Munters provides highly durable means of mounting 100 mm thick CELdek® evaporative cooling pads and supplying water to the pads. This product is used for cooling of poultry houses, cooling of greenhouses (horticulture) and cooling for pigs (swine, hogs).

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