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Munters New Humidity Control Unit

Munters New Humidity control Unit (HCU) 6000 effectively eliminates humidity from building makeup air. Unit allows operators to avoid using inefficient cool and reheat systems.

Munters new Humidity Control Unit (HCU) 6000 provides an economical way to bring makeup air into a space and control temperature and humidity at the same time. The system is designed to treat 100 percent makeup air and works in conjunction with existing air or energy recover ventilator units.

The HCU controls humidity on an as-needed basis, when humidity levels exceed setpoint. The unit operates cost-effectively because all of the energy required for the operation of its desiccant dehumidifier is recycled from cooling components.

Ideal applications for the HCU 6000 include schools, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels and motels, and commercial buildings.

"A conventional air conditioner cools the air and removes some of the moisture and works well at design conditions of high ambient temperature with mild humidity conditions," says Danny Dotson, sales manager for Munters Commercial Dehumidification Division. "However, at more moderate ambient temperature conditions with greater moisture levels, the conventional air conditioner will overcool the air and not dehumidify sufficiently.

"With the Munters HCU, indoor humidity is never allowed to rise when outside temperatures drop, making it ideal for the unique dehumidification, air conditioning and heating requirements of facilities such as a supermarket. The Munters HCU cost-effectively eliminates humidity from building makeup air. Unlike systems that first cool the air to lower the humidity, and then reheat it to create the desired temperature, Munters HCU removes humidity using a desiccant rotor. Then, the desiccant rotor is regenerated using recycled heat from cooling components, providing dry air to the air conditioning system at a low cost.

"The end result is a unit that controls humidity with a coefficient of performance (COP) that is up to 65 percent higher than a typical air conditioning system," Dotson adds.

Features of the HCU include:

  • Nominal flow rate of 6000 scfm.
  • Titanium Silica Gel desiccant wheel optimized for the HCU cycle by providing ideal moisture removal utilizing only condenser and compressor waste heat.
  • Continuous automatic operation, including motor starters, protective devices, fault circuitry, microprocessor controller with communication and data storage capability. All wiring is in accordance with NEC.
  • 2-inch double wall construction with galvalume exterior finish.
  • Minimal connection requirements resulting in simple installation.
  • Premium efficiency supply and reactivation fans including variable speed control for had pressure modulation.
  • Sized for efficient humidity and temperature performance leading to high unit COP.

Munters Commercial Dehumidification Division manufactures state-of-the-art air-conditioning and dehumidification systems for commercial building environments that benefit from reduced humidity while maintaining comfortable temperatures in the space.

Munters Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of dehumidification systems. It provides equipment that humidifies, dehumidifies and cools air, controls emissions and dries water-damaged environments.

Munters America has operations in more than 30 locations throughout the United States, as well as in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Munters is headquartered in Sweden and has operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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