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Cornelis Vrolijk happy with IceDry


Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserijmaatschappij BV is an internationaly orientated fishing company specialized in catching and freezing pelagic fish species. The roots of the company go back to 1880, when Frank Vrolijk stated a company buying and selling fresh fish in Scheveningen (Netherlands). In 1890 he bought his first ship, the "Vrouw Huibertje".  In 1921, when Frank died, his son Cornelis took over. In 1951 part of the company was moved to the harbour of IJmuiden.

Nowadays, Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserijmaatschappij BV and their partners operate on the worlds' oceans with  approx. 10 ships, mainly catching herring, mackerel, blue whiting, horse mackerel and sardinella. All fish is processed immediately after being caught and is frozen on board.

Ammoniak/CO2 koelinstallatie bij Cornelis VrolijkIn IJmuiden Cornelis Vrolijk has several coldstores where the catch is stored until delivered to customers all around the world. The coldstores use the latest freezing techology (Ammoniak/CO2), Cornelis Vrolijk being one of the first companies in the Netherlands to use this technique, showing that they are indeed leaders in their business.

But still Cornelis Vrolijk had a common problem: Ice build up in the coldstores. Ice will form in the coldstore due to outside air flowing in through doors, etc. Turbulence due to forklifts driving in and out only make things worse. This all leads to excessive ice formation on and around evaporators and doors, and to mist and slippery floors. The efficency of the evaporators will deteriorate energy is being lost due to thawing.

To solve this problem, Cornelis Vrolijk first tried special air curtains to avoid the influx of outside air. But due to the turbulence caused by frequent trafic from forklifts this didn't work at all. The reason: air curtains alone do not remove any moisture.

Munters IceDryMunters IceDry is the solution that does remove moisture, and also in the case of Cornelis Vrolijk it showed to be the right solution. Any incoming moisture due to traffic is removed effectively by the IceDry unit. The result: little or no ice on and near he evaporators or doors.... and no slippery floors!.

In the meanwhile, a total of 7 Cornelis Vrolijk's coldstores have received Munters IceDry, a good proof of their satisfaction.

In de vriescel - deur met Munters IceDry

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